Whole House Air Purifiers – do they work?

The theme song for the entire home air purifier controversy is Tobacco Road, covered by artists, and written by John Dee Loudermilk in 1960. A whole home air purifying system, added to heating, ventilation, and ac equipment, is not the alternative for household air quality. Unless you are wealthy and\/or building a new, carefully custom designed home, this money is best spent on other features of the indoor air scenario.

A house air filtration system that is whole isn’t claimed by me, beyond a furnace filter upgrade that is simple, is not a wise idea for those with money. Note that everybody, including apartment dwellers, should install an oven filter upgrade.

A MERV-7 filter or better is extremely recommended. Fiberglass furnace filters cost only $.75, and upgrades are $5-20. I am sure anyone reading this believes their health is worth far more than the expense of a furnace filter update. But no wholehouse Heating and ac system is a replacement for room air purifiers, and of course, you should always consider having air duct cleaning done before installation.

This article will focus on cost efficacy and the openings of air purifiers for a whole house that add to existing Heating and ac systems. Notice that air duct ultraviolet systems, for defense against micro-organisms, are considered. Consumer Reports, in a 1992 issue, said portable atmosphere purifiers are more efficient than a central whole house system.

Here’s among the few topics where I agree with CR’s atmosphere cleaner reviews. Since this type of filtration program shares the central program’s blower also duct work, the first concern must be the healthiness of the HVAC internals.

In my view, dirty Heating and air conditioning systems also duct work are second only to wet, moldy basements, in the Nightmare on Elm Street awards. HVAC Duct Inspection: Grew up in a dusty shack. How many of us ever remove our home’s vent louvers also inspect our ductwork, raise your hands. That is not very many.

So just how many want to do it today? Oh, that is better. Who would like to go first? Nobody? Okay, I will do it myself. At the photograph, taken in my old Houston apartment, the red arrows indicate the accumulated fine dust that has come throughout the fiberglass air filter through the years.

The blue arrow indicates a brand new section of duct wall that has less dust. Since this dust has been screened with a coarse atmosphere filter, which whitens the duct Wall is the more dangerous fine particles! – The lower red arrow indicates the dust I piled up with my finger.

Yuck. Are we done yet? Fiberglass Heating and air conditioning air filters are positioned upstream of motors and fans to defend them from sand paper grit sized particles also lint, not as air purifiers. No expensive upstream filter or partial bypass entire home atmosphere cleaner can do anything about this gathered mess!

HVAC Blowers – The only life I’ve ever known. Heating and air conditioning blower systems, while they might seem strong, with maybe one thousand cubic foot per minute air flow, don’t set up a powerful enough air current in all regions of the household to be significant air purifiers. Stand near the air flow from an AC duct, you will not get blown away. The air flow right at the duct would be about as strong as a small table fan. A quality portable atmosphere purifier creates strong internal pressures.



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