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“A few months ago, I was crazy struggling. Even though my first company’s main mission was to encourage women to take time for self care… even though I host a group called The Self-Care Revolution… even though I lost nearly a year of my life to debilitating anxiety that stemmed in a lack of self care… I wasn’t doing the work. I knew what I had to do, or at least some of it, but I let myself get swept up in the grind, and I was tanking. I wasn’t sleeping, I was hyper emotional, my anxiety was creeping back in. And while I knew there were things to do, I wasn’t doing them, and I wasn’t asking for help.
I spent the month of March working with Kate. Talking through the things that stressed me, coming up with actionable steps that I could take (that weren’t big and daunting, which would’ve been impossible) to shift gears back into my self-care routine. She helped me create a morning ritual that nourishes me still, and helped me give myself permission for some spaciousness in my schedule. There was reflection, forgiveness, and all done from this place of loving support, without judgment.
We all need a Kate in our lives. Someone to remind us of our light when we think we’ve lost our way. “

~ Seryna Myers, Seryna Myers Creative


“I had long been a fan of Kate’s writing and insight and felt that when I was ready to pull the trigger on hiring a coach, there was never another option for me. Leading up to our work together I was going through a number of major life changes, felt an overall sense of being out of sorts and was looking for some help with which direction to turn.
Kate immediately got me thinking along the lines of distilling down what I was actually after out of life through dialogue and different exercises, and then helped me form tangible steps to head in that direction. Throughout the process, I not only gained a clearer perspective of which direction I was heading, I learned a lot about myself in the process.
I never once felt rushed or like I was just a number to her. You can feel Kate genuinely cares about her clients and their wellbeing. If you are ready to do the work and invest in yourself I would highly recommend seeing if Kate is a good fit. I consider the clarity I gained from our work together invaluable.”

~ Jeremy Kottler, entrepreneur


“Kate is outstanding to work with. She is insightful and extremely intelligent and knowledgeable.  I’ve always been impressed with how she manages to infuse kindness and frankness together.

It’s been a joy to work with Kate in every capacity that I have. I am not necessarily easy to work with, and she doesn’t make me feel “difficult”, and I owe much of my current success to her.”

~ Jennifer White, author



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