How to Shift Your Self-Care Practices for Winter.

“Would you wear a bikini in the snow?”

A few people have asked me to explain a little more about how to take an Ayurvedic approach to self-care, and I’m hanging out soothing the winter cold away with some honey, ginger and lemon, so it seemed like the perfect time to dive in!

One of the simplest ways to look at an Ayurvedic approach to self-care is that question I posed up top & shared in a Facebook group earlier today. Silly, right?

But so many people dive into super cooling practices in the January like juice fasts or upping their raw veggies…running or hiking out in the cold…or even just adding too many new things and increasing the Vata (cold & windy element) in their bodies.

If you are in a climate that is cold right now:

:: Cover your neck! Scarves are fashionable AND they’re important to keeping your inner fire stoked this time of year.

:: Warm or hot beverages. If you’re a diehard smoothie in the morning person, skip the frozen fruit and add a little warm water to it. Add cinnamon, ginger or other warming spices, and consider cooked root veggies or warming vegetables like pumpkin. And it’s the perfect time for exploring all kinds of warming teas.

:: Leave space in your schedule. This is a good idea year-round, but especially in winter when Vata and Kapha (the cold, windy & damp elements) are affecting us most. Fall and early winter are Vata season in Ayurveda, and later in the winter is more Kapha…that heavy, damp, slow feeling we associate with hibernation. Leaving room in your schedule to check in with yourself and see what’s needed instead of rigidly sticking to a minute-by-minute plan is a great way to allow yourself to adapt to your current needs.

:: Abyhanga! Self Oil Massage is one of my favorite things any time of year, and in the winter, it can be a great time to crank the heat for a few, warm up some oil, and luxuriate for a few minutes before you head into the shower.

:: Get moving indoors. Winter is a great time to try heated yoga, tango, bellydancing, restorative or yin yoga, spin classes…so many great ways to move your body and heat things up without getting overly cold or damp. If you know that you tend to be Pitta or run hot year-round, you might do well with some winter sports or snowy runs, but make sure you are staying warm and dry as much as possible.

:: Embrage Hygge. It seems funny to mention a Danish concept when we’re talking about Ayurvedic self-care, but this idea of cozy time at home with people we love goes hand-in-hand with this seasonal approach to take care of ourselves.

Hope your weekend is full of warmth and wonder!



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