Three Secret Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Mindset.

Are you ready to usher in the New Year?

I’m hearing many people talk about upping their mindset work or creating a more consistent meditation practice for 2018, and I thought I’d let you in on a little secret:

You are already doing mindset work all the time.

(It’s just not getting you what you want.)

It looks a lot like this:

1. Worrying. When you are recycling the same thoughts over and over about yourself or your life, you are solidifying  unhealthy old beliefs instead of nurturing your ability to take positive action.

Try this instead: Interrupt that train of thought and actively re-train your mind. Tapping is a fabulous tool for doing this & getting all your cells on board with your new belief.

2. Mindless Social Media Scrolling. If you find yourself staring at your screen (computer or phone) and passively taking in all sorts of garbage that’s being shared, you are effectively meditating on what someone else wants you to believe about life. It could be true…but more likely, it’s a lot of advertising, disturbing news, and a giant hash of ideas that you don’t really want to internalize.

Try this instead: Be intentional about your social media usage & news consumption. It’s wonderful to stay connected and informed when we do so in a way that’s proactive and intentional. Your brain is not a garbage can; you can decide what to receive and integrate.

3. Messages from our entertainment. I’m not saying you should ditch your Netflix subscription (in fact, I’m finally starting The Crown today!), but I am suggesting you approach your entertainment time with awareness and intention. What are the main messages about life, self, the body, wealth, success, happiness, safety, humanity, and so on that you are receiving from the movies and shows you choose to watch? If they are perpetually negative or harmful ones, it might be time to change the channel.

Try this instead: Feed your mind on stories that uplift you, give you hope, inspire you & are congruent with what you believe about life. We are storytelling beings. Yuval Noah Harari says it’s the main thing that distinguishes us from animals and allows us to bond. I know I want to bond over stories that propel me forward in life, instead of ones that hold me back or make me feel like the world is a terrible place.

If this piques your interest and you want to dig deeper on how simple shifts can make a big difference in your life, my Sacral Self-Care class starts later this week, and I’m offering three different 1:1 coaching packages for 2018.

If you don’t want to spend New Year’s Eve 2018 kicking yourself because nothing has changed in a year…let’s talk about how to set your new year on fire!

Wishing you a beautiful transition into the New Year!



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