11 Unexpected & Beautiful Things from 2017.

It’s been an intense year in so many ways.

And that liminal feeling when we’re almost at the doorway of the new year can seem like we’ll be escaping any of the troubles of the old year and carving a new path. But…it’s still worth looking back at all the good things, big and small, before we move forward.

11 unexpected & beautiful things from my 2017

1. I gave up coffee. Totally unexpected and initially unintentional, but the difference in how grounded I feel has inspired me to keep this one. (And as always…it’s a grand, evolving experiment…)

2. I started writing a memoir. And then stopped. It was cathartic and personally useful, but not ready for prime time.

3. I started studying Danish. I’ve often dreamed of moving to Europe when the kids are a bit older, and I’ve been inviting in habits that match my goals. It’s a beautiful language!

4. I stopped worrying about Mercury Retrograde. It’s one of those spiritual-lite things everybody worries about and posts memes about. I decided…I’m done worrying about doing or not doing things because of it. I’m more powerful than that.

5. I taught two rounds of my In the Flow group mastermind, and worked with some amazing women! (And am about to kick off Sacral Self-Care later this week!)

6. I made peace with my post-cancer body, as well as my desire to revise my reconstruction. Gratitude and desire aren’t opposites; they dance together beautifully.

7. I read 105 books. About 50/50 Fiction & Non. Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins were two of my favorites.

8. I started doing a Fear Inventory as one of my daily journaling practices. If you’ve never done this…whew. It’s often done as a part of addiction recovery, and it’s a fantastic way to break through your addiction to believing your own bullshit. This is a solid description of how to get started. 

9. I stuck with a social media fast every Shabbos. No Facebook, Insta, Tweeting, Email, etc. from sundown Friday until sundown Saturday. (And now that I’ve gotten used to it…it often lingers into Sunday too).

10. I stopped apologizing so much and started thanking people for their patience.

11. I started a 120-day kriya 119 days ago. Kundalini yoga teaches that the kriya practiced for 120 days becomes a permanently integrated part of the psyche. So much of adulthood is undoing the things we’ve integrated unintentionally…what a beautiful thing it is to be able to choose what comes next.

I hope your year has been full of unexpected, beautiful and wonderous things, and that sharing a few of mine has inspired you for 2018


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