It Is Safe to Be Powerful. It is Safe to Show Up for Yourself.


There are two mantras that have been on my mind lately, and I think they might be a fit for you too…

“It is safe to be powerful.”

I remember watching something happen with my kids when they were toddlers…they’d hit one milestone, learn how to do something new, or step into more of their own power, and follow it up by getting clingy…feeling shy…or taking a few steps backwards in some other area.

And I’ve experienced it myself when I’m growing or stepping into a more powerful place in my life, and I’ve seen friends and clients do it too.

You set some big goals for yourself, you step out in a big way with how you show up in the world—and then you sabotage yourself with unhealthy eating, with too much alcohol or other bad habits, you fall into old patterns. You let fear take over and knock you down a peg.

If this is you, take this one today and run with it!

It is safe for you to be powerful.
It is safe to be successful in every area you choose.
It is safe for everything to go well at the same time.
It is safe to receive everything you want.

And the second one that came up was related to self-love and integrity:

“It is safe to consistently show up for yourself.”

If you have experienced a parent, or a partner, or other external circumstances that made for erratic receiving, and you’re not experiencing the consistent success that you want—in any area of life—take some time and look at this.

When I say success here, I don’t just mean making money…I mean are you successfully living your purpose? Are you consistently doing things that bring you joy? Are you successfully treating your body & heart with loving care? Are you showing up for yourself the way you’d want your loved ones to show up for you?

And that’s tender stuff…because most of us have experienced someone we love NOT showing up for us in the way we needed. So when our experience is that sometimes our needs are met, and sometimes they aren’t…that can linger underneath the surface until we deal with it.

It is safe to consistently show up for yourself.
It is safe to consistently receive.
There is enough for you to receive a steady stream of what you need without taking away from anyone else.
You can forgive yourself for where you haven’t been consistent.
You are loved, consistently and without exception.


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