What’s a Kriya? (And Why Should You Care?)



Last summer, I wrote a little bit about incorporating a kriya practice into my daily routines for 40 days, along with a few other supportive habits, when I was feeling overwhelmed and indecisive, and this continues to be an area I get messages and questions about weekly!

I believe that using Kundalini kriyas either seasonally or more long term as part of our daily practices can help us grow in a much deeper way than meditation or other mental practices alone. The mind-body connection works in both directions; what’s going on in our minds affects our body AND changes we make in our bodies and physical practices can affect our mood and emotional growth too.

Enter the 40-day kriya practice.

If you practice yoga, you may have heard this term….but even if you have, it might be one of those things that you never got around to learning about. The word kriya simply means action, and the most often taught kriyas in Kundalini yoga are usually a combination of a specific movement, specific breathing, and specific sound (mantra). They are typically practiced from between 3 and 11 minutes (though some are longer if they have multiple parts) daily, for 40 days, 90 days, 120 days, or 1000 days.

One of the things I LOVE about kriyas is that science is starting to catch up to why this works (in fact, the Sa Ta Na Ma kriya is being studied for its impact on memory and dementia prevention), and yet there are still many facets of it that science can’t explain. (I feel like the things that fall in between the two have a magical quality to them…they change our lives, and there are pieces that defy explanation!)

The 3HO Foundation defines a kriya as, “an action that leads to a complete manifestation like a seed leads to a bloom, a thought into actuality, a desire to commitment”, and what I’ve found in my own life, is that this multi-layered approach to creating change makes it sink deeper, faster, and take root at a soul level, in a way that just focusing on mental actions or physical actions can do.

Usually I add a kriya to my daily routines for 40 days, twice a year, and the impact never ceases to amaze me. In fact, it’s something that excites me so much, that I’ve started offering a new 40-day intensive 1:1 coaching package.

This package includes:

:: A kriya given to you specifically for your current needs

:: A daily Ayurvedic self-care practice chosen specifically for you

:: 4 calls during the 40-day period for additional support and one-on-one work in the areas where you’re looking to grow.

This type of work is deeply personal, and I require an application process for anyone who is interested.

If you’re curious and think this might be for you…schedule a time for us to chat on a free compatibility call!

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