5 Reasons to Be a Little Lazy on the Week of the Solstice.


This Wednesday was our summer solstice (or winter solstice for my Southern Hemisphere friends).

And it felt like a perfect time to leave extra space in the day…schedule nothing…and allow things to unfold.

I had a handful of calls and tasks that needed to be taken care of, but for the most part, I took the week off and didn’t seek to stuff the downtime full, and here’s why:

1. Energetically, we are at the point in the year where—even though it isn’t harvest time yet—it’s a perfect space to pause and begin to appreciate the fruits of the work we’ve done so far.

2. If you’ve been in non-stop go go go mode, and relying on coffee and your alarm clock to get you going in the morning, letting the early morning sun wake you can be a gentle help for your adrenals and your mood.

3. You wouldn’t wear your winter coat in June, and your winter habits won’t serve you well then either. Many people clean house in some way in the spring, and I find this week where summer finally arrives to be the perfect time to take stock, clean house, and shake out the dust—inside and out. But this doesn’t have to be an aggressive clearing…it can be as simple as getting quiet and simplifying your habits for a few days to see what isn’t serving you.

4. The longest day of the year doesn’t necessarily mean more time to work. It can also mean more time to celebrate, play, dance, build bonfires, eat all the gorgeous fruit that’s in season. It’s a beautiful stretch of extra sunshine to enjoy.

5. Summer is the season of allowing. Winter is quiet rest, when the earth is dormant. Spring is when we plant…even now in our post-agrarian society, it’s the time where we start to get creative again. And while autumn is when we harvest….summer is when we allow things to grow.

Hope your week has been a gorgeous celebration of summer!

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