The Sweet Promise of Renewal. ~ Jenn Lui {Guest Post}

After every Dark Season, there is always the return of the Light.

Whether we mean this correspondence with autumn’s shortening days and lengthening nights, to the culmination of the Winter Solstice and the rebirth of a New Year. Or whether we mean this for the ever-evolving landscape of the soul. This cycle of Dark to Light is ever present within stories, myth, nature and our daily lives.

From Light to Dark, Darkness back to Lightness. This time of year presents us with a pre-determined end point and new beginning. It’s a time to reflect on all that we want to let go of, and hold on to what we want to remain close to.

The Tarot and all its myriad of symbolism, has always proven to me to be a worthy tool of self-understanding. Through life’s darknesses and rebirths, these symbols mark the journey and can be signposts that guide us.

I hope that in offering this New Moon – New Year reading, that you can find some inspiration for the letting go of the no longer to be carried and the holding on of what really grips your heart.

May the sweet promise of renewal bring you healing, comfort and your heart’s desire.

The Deck: The Wanderer’s Tarot

As I was shuffling the deck and keeping the energy of this year’s last New Moon and the impending New Year in my intentions, a card stumbled out of my hands…


The fool.

Of course! I laughed how absolutely perfect this was. Honestly I was hoping that the Fool would show up in this spread for all that is hopeful and new. The Fool is the numberless arcana (number 0) because this represents the potential before the journey even begins. When we are looking towards the future with anticipation and curiosity. The Fool doesn’t like what is stagnant and stale, but would rather let those go in favor of the unknown and new opportunities. But as with anything new, there is risk. The Fool asks us to be brave and move headstrong towards the mystery of what has yet to be revealed.


Seven of Knives

(Traditionally the Seven of Swords)

The Seven of Knives is asking us to hone closer to who we are, what we are trying to communicate in this world, and how we plan on doing that. It is also a caution. It reminds us to forget all that is imposed on us from others, from our society, and even from our own egos. To truly be able to convey the essence of who we are, we need to cut through untruths and illusions. Even the ones we carry of ourselves.


Philosopher of Moons

(Traditionally the Page of Cups)

A philosopher is one who always questions and seeks the truth in the matter. The challenge with this is that a truth can sometimes take on many different forms and evoke all kinds of emotions. Under the banner of the Moon, which has dominion over water and emotions, the Philosopher of Moons is asking us to be prepared to feel the full spectrum of these emotions. To tap into our intuition and to locate for us what truth resonates in our heart. This requires vulnerability and an unconditional openness, which can leave us feeling fearful one minute and exhilarated the next. Embrace it all, for when we are seeking to stand in our truth, the gain far exceeds the fear experienced on the way.




Jenn Lui is an artist and writer, playing host to the dance of shadow and light, while smiling at the fleeting nature of it all. With a penchant for all things beautifully extraordinary, Jenn recognizes the importance of honoring the shadow self and the medicine of everything around her. Connect with Jenn on her blog, Perilsoftheliving and on Instagram.














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