how many types of guns are there

Best Guns for Women

Guns are not only for men but also for women who love adventures of shooting. They are the fastest growing segment in the firearms industry. Actually, according to Shoot Like A Girl. A firm whose goal is to increase the number of female member in the shooting sports. And their member in the industry is increasing up to 189% in some disciplines. As the group of women shooter is growing there are many types of guns and name that is available now. But there is hard to search guns online for the specific information they wanted. We may ask how many types of guns are there for women. You can check it on the blogs of women who love to shoots.


Their purposes are to share their knowledge about shooting and encourage to join the competition. Moreover, these women shooter and blogger wants to be more adventurous and to help others to go out of their comfort zone. Here are some blogs that you can check and search their articles.

A Girl and A Gun

This article help women to achieve their skill level in shooting most especially to the beginners. They share their knowledge of personal improvement and encourage other women to join the competition.


For women who love adventures like fishing, hunting, gathering or gardening this blog fits for you. If you have this kind of skill the article will help you to develop and increase your ability in this area.

American Women Shooter

This article will give you more information about the shooting. Their main goal is to attract all women to the joys of shooting. This includes several articles related to beauty, health, and fashion.

Gun Tote’ n Mamas

This article will keep the readers informed on the latest news and trending involving women and firearms. They are trained in making high quality, fashionable concealed carry bags for women, tested by the FBI and Navy Seal. They also advocate the empowerment of women shooter through their articles.


These are just a few blogs you can check on the internet for your guide to achieve your shooting skills or if you want to learn shooting.



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